How many people can you fit into a Fiat? We fit four of us in the back somehow, and it was actually quite comfortable! Advertisements

Cloudy with a Chance of Mud

Today was the day for our final interview with the owner of Il Conventino, the winery I have been visiting quite frequently.  We were scheduled to leave at 8:15 this morning… Megan knocked… Continue reading

Into the Land of the EuroTrash Haircut

Due to having such a busy weekend, I was unable to travel anywhere far. Luckily, I had nothing to do today so Megan, Cory, and I headed to Pesaro, Italy to enjoy a… Continue reading

La Tavola Marche

For our video project that we are working on, Rachel and I were paired together to do the segment on an agriturismo called La Tavola Marche.  In case you aren’t sure of what an… Continue reading

Vino Ventures

For someone who does not actually like wine, I have been to a lot more wineries than expected this week.  On Monday and Thursday I was at Il Conventino for my video project.… Continue reading

Photo Assignment 1

These are the photos I submitted for photo assignment 1:

The Best Day

Yesterday was the greatest day I’ve had in Italy thus far. Like I mentioned previously, our group was invited to the Urbino Press Awards. Because of this our classes were cancelled for the… Continue reading

Wolf Blitzer

On Wednesday we were given the opportunity to have a Q&A with Wolf Blitzer from CNN’s The Situation Room.  To be completely honest, I didn’t have any idea who he was.  I should… Continue reading

Il Conventino

On Monday I had the opportunity to visit a local winery for a preliminary interview with the owner.  Luca, one of the translators for our program, drove Greg and myself to Il Conventino.… Continue reading

Tourist Central: Firenze

This past weekend I ventured out of the city walls of Urbino and headed to Florence.  A group of eleven of us headed to the Urbino bus stop at the (early) hour of… Continue reading