San Francisco Here We Come

Two Mondays ago I got to join Michael and Veronica on the set of a promotional video shoot for their band, The Replicas.  This was a really cool opportunity to witness what goes into a shoot.  I was able to see firsthand how to set up the stage, equipment, watch wardrobe, and the execution of the entire process.  I was in charge of playing the music and keeping track of which take we were on so both videographers could stay in sync with one another.


Last weekend Megan and I took a trip to San Francisco (my new favorite city)!!  Surprisingly the drive was not that bad.  It was about a six hour trip… which is pretty close to what I am used to drive for my trips between JMU and home.  Luckily, we barely hit any traffic and the trip went by very quickly… I think it passed by quickly because 1) we were excited for SF 2) we were traveling roads we never had before and 3) the view the ENTIRE drive was pretty cool!!  As soon as we got to SF we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge, we went to the scenic overlook at Fort Point.  It was pretty cold, but I loved it.  It was my favorite type of weather and I could get away with wearing a beanie… which all my friends know I love.  So that made my heart happy. 🙂


After our time at the bridge, we headed to my former babysitter Tricia’s apartment.  She has the absolute perfect location!!!! It is on a main street with all these little shops and restaurants… not to mention she lives right across from a Mexican restaurant aka I would be so fat if I lived there because that is my favorite type of food.  The apartment was so cute and definitely what I pictured a typical SF apartment to look like.  Once we got our stuff settled in, Megan and I headed out to find food and ended up at this really good pizza place.  But we were wiped, so after dinner we just went back to the apartment to hang out.

The following day Megan and I made our way down to the Ferry Building where they have a farmers market in the mornings.  We walked around there for a little… and then got Mexican food for an early lunch.  (Yes, I know I am obsessed with Mexican food.)  From the Ferry Building we walked about a mile to Fisherman’s Wharf where we were able to see sea lions!  Tricia had previously said Fisherman’s Wharf is San Fran’s Time Square and after being there I definitely know what she was saying!  It was packed with tourists, but it was definitely a cool experience.  Next time I am in San Fran I definitely want to go to Alcatraz.  After Fisherman’s Wharf we began our mile walk to Ghirardelli Square.  On our way there we stopped at a typical touristy shop and bought a few knick-knacks.  I wish I was a huge chocolate fan because then Ghirardelli Square would have seemed like I died and went to heaven.  But I am an atypical girl who does not really enjoy chocolate that much.  (I’m weird, I know. Vanilla for the win.)  I really wanted a sundae, but sadly the line was too long and I didn’t feel like waiting that badly.

We  took a little rest back at Tricia’s apartment but then we head out to the Palace of Fine Arts which is right now the street from their apartment.  (I forgot to mention Tricia is also super close to the marina and the Golden Gate Bridge, aka perfect location.)  It was really cool because it was a very awesome structural piece with a beautiful lake; it was something Megan and I could admire but not necessarily get bored of because neither of us are museum people.  We got to see a couple take their engagement photos there which was awesome to watch.

After the Palace of Fine Arts we headed back to the apartment and met up with Brandon, Tricia’s boyfriend, (Tricia was still on a hike) and we all went to get food from Super Duper Burgers.  (What a great day, Mexican food AND burgers.)  Once we finished dinner we got ready to go out for drinks.  Tricia and Brandon took Megan and I to the Tipsy Pig, a bar down the street from their house.  We hung out there for an hour or two but then we made moves to Super Duper Burgers again… but not for burgers this time.  This time we were there to get pickle juice (EW)!  Brandon and Tricia had told us a “pickle back” which is when you do a shot of whiskey and then chase it with a shot of pickle juice.  We took the pickle juice to another bar, ordered shots of whiskey (I stuck to my usual fireball because I do NOT do pickles, ew).  After that we walked to a Whiskey bar where we hung out with one of Brandon’s friends.  The whiskey bar was cool because there was another bar underneath that one which Tricia described as a “fratty” bar.  Which I guess it was considering we got a few pitchers of beer and played skee ball, pool, and one of those basketball machine games.  On our way back home we stopped for a slice of pizza, YUM!

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to catch up with Tricia, I hadn’t seen her in about seven or eight years so that was really great.  She is definitely someone who I want to strive to be more like – she is one of the kindest people I know who is grateful for everything life has to offer.  Her outlook on life and love is truly inspiring.

I have decided I love San Fran and would LOVE to live there.  I have never seen myself as a city girl but I feel that SF has more of a small neighborhood city feel than New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles for example.  I just wish it wasn’t so expensive to live out here.  But this is somewhere that I definitely hope to end up in the near future.


This week was our class of SMAD 305, we still have my other class for the next two weeks though.  But since this one was ending we had to do our final project which was to pitch a new TV show idea to the class.  Kaitlyn and I worked together and had the the idea of making an MTV show about Promposals (showing the ways people ask people to prom).  Here is the trailer that I created to put at the end of our pitch.

As I enter my second to last weekend in California (ugh I am going to cry I don’t want to leave this beautiful place), I am trying to fit in all the things I have yet to see.  Tonight I am heading to the Santa Monica Pier, and hopefully I have time to visit Catalina at some point soon!