Two Week Recap

Well, apparently I am really bad about keeping up with these posts regularly. Whoops. I apologize if there are any spelling errors in this post – I am posting from my phone.

The Monday following my last post my boss text me and asked if I wanted to attend the Trey Songz album release party at the iHeartRadio Theater… uh yeah! Going into the event I wasn’t a huge Trey Songz fan. I only knew his one song, Na Na, because I hear it nonstop on the radio at work. But after watching his perform live he definitely gained another fan! He was so down to earth throughout his entire interview and a GREAT performer. Of course I bought his album off iTunes to support him, it’s a great album. But I definitely think he is a performer that is better in person!



The weekend of the 4th of July was pretty fun and laid back. On the night of the 3rd a whole bunch of us went into West Hollywood to go to The Abbey which is a “gay club.” It was SO much fun. I am not a huge fan of clubs but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was huge with optimal room for dancing and there was even a photobooth that emails you your photo (for free!).


On the 4th of July a bunch of the JMU group came over to our apartment. Megan and I attempted to make Jell-O shots that were inside of a watermelon so each slice of “watermelon” is equivalent to a shot. Well…. the recipe calls for a lot of unflavored gelatin in order to make the jello more stiff/hold it’s shape better. The extra gelatin made it VERY hard. It kinda just felt like you were chewing on a bouncy ball, yuck. That night Megan and I tried FatBurger which is SO SO SOOOOO much better than In N Out. We watched the fireworks right outside of our apartment because you could see them over Universal Studios from the pool area.

On the 5th Megan, Amelia and I went out with Megan’s friend Gray again. He drove us around the South Bay Area, more specifically in Palos Verde. The sights out there are incredible. They make me want to move out here after I graduate, seriously, they’re insanely amazing.  We went to eat lunch at the Terranea Resort and I had a great cheeseburger. Honestly, I’ve had some of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten out here.





That night we went to watch an outdoor movie at the Autry.  They were playing Jaws!  They had all these food trucks where you could buy from an assortment of goodies, or you were more than welcome to pack your own snacks.  It was so cool, I love watching movies outdoors!  I definitely want to go back.


On Tuesday we took a class trip to E! at NBC Universal. We got to see the master control room, the studio, etc. While we were in the studio we were able to watch Guiliana and Terrance film some of their lines for the show teasers which was really cool. Terrance was awesome and really supportive! And I got to see Ali Fedotowsky… she was a former contestant on the Bachelor and was the Bachelorette one season. AKA I fan girled so hard the two times she walked passed us.




At work this week a duo from the Bay Area, Kalin and Myles, came to the studio for an iHeartRadio Next Up performance. Surprisingly, they were pretty good. I’m not huge into rap but it was really interesting seeing how they blended their own unique styles together.



This past weekend I went on a trip to Vegas with Kaitlyn, Amelia, Thomas, and Luke! Vegaaaaaaaas baby. We stayed at the Excalibur which reminded me of a Disney castle! On Friday we went to the Ghostbar at the Palms. Ghostbar is on the 55th floor of the hotel overlooking the entire city! City skylines at night are my all time favorite thing so I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ghostbar. But eventually we decided to make moves so I texted the number for this Vegas company that helps with getting you on guest lists at places for free/reduced prices for guys. We were sent a limo to take us to Déjà Vu, a strip club. I’ve always wanted to attend a strip club, and now I can say I have. But I don’t know if it’s something that I’d necessarily do again. It was actually pretty fun though. Amelia was so tired that she actually fell asleep while we were there!



On Saturday during the day we walked the strip to view the sites and see other hotels in the area. It was over 110 degrees outside… it was unbearably hot!  I really have no idea how people live in Nevada!


At night we went to XS to where Zedd was the special guest DJ. IT WAS SO FUN. The club is outside and there is a pool. We were standing around the pool with our feet in the water for most of the night. And then we actually got in the pool. Clothes and all. It was a great idea at the time until we were soaked getting back to our hotel, but honestly, I am so glad that we did it.

After going to bed at 6AM both days, it’s time to get a full nights rest in my comfy bed.