Fangirling Hardcore

Since my last post, I have had the opportunity to meet one of my childhood celebrity crushes, Ryan Cabrera. (I shamefully admit that I used to kiss his poster goodnight when I would go to sleep, EMBARRASSING!)  So let me tell you how this little run in happened.

I made plans to go to Dimples, the karaoke bar in Burbank in two of my roommates, Kaitlyn and Amelia, as well as two other girls in the JMU program Nicole and Arri.  We all arrived at Dimples a little after 10PM and just saw at a booth, sipped our rum and cokes, and looked at the long list of songs to pick from.  Shortly after that I happened to look up and across the stage where people sing karaoke and I spotted him.  Ryan Cabrera.  And I hate to say it, but I freaked out.  Not exaggerating at all.  My arms went flailing and I was repeatedly saying “OMG THAT IS RYAN CABRERA, get up, get up, GET UP I NEED A PICTURE.”  I felt bad for anyone around me.  No one else knew that it was him; they all kept questioning me saying “are you sure it’s really him?!” Believe me, when I see my boyhood crush I know.  (I took major pride in the fact knowing that people wouldn’t have realized who he was had I not been there.)

Let me rewind a little bit in case anyone doesn’t know who Ryan Cabrera is.  He had a few hit songs back in the early 2000s.  He was most famous for his song “On The Way Down” and “Shine On.”  You could say his claim to fame was that he was dating Ashlee Simpson back before she got a little weird and had that whole lip syncing fiasco on Saturday Night Live.  But that is who he is and I’ve been a fan ever since that album.  Ryan hasn’t released much music lately but he is still out touring from time to time.  I saw him two Decembers ago at The Stone Pony in New Jersey and again this past semester at JMU’s Madipalooza (I was honestly probably the only person super excited her was coming to JMU but oh well, I love him).

Back to my story.  So I walk across the bar with my hands shaking.  I went over and simply asked for a picture and told him how I had seen him at two shows recently, etc.  And then we just started having a normal conversation about the JMU party he went to after he performed.  Hands down my best night out in LA so far.  Anytime we went up to sing he would cheer “JMU DUKES” and so on.  Later on in the night we sang his song “On The Way Down” and towards the end of the song he came up on the stage and joined in.  It was such a memorable night.  (Video of us singing together is up on my Facebook page.)





Generation gap here.  But we also got to meet Dennis Haskins, who some of you may remember as Mr. Belding the school principal in Saved By The Bell.


On Sunday I went to visit Michael and Veronica.  Michael is the son of my neighbor, Robin, back in Jersey, and Veronica is Michael’s girlfriend.  They happened to get a puppy, Bosco, on Sunday so I got to play with him all day long!! He was super adorable and really good considering he is a puppy.  Veronica and Michael are so awesome; they made me feel at home right away.  They even let me dog sit Bosco when they went out for date night that night!!  My roommates were ecstatic we got to have a puppy for a night.


Then on Monday I went to see the taping of The Voice’s blind auditions with Bridget and Arri.  Unfortunately, studios are SUPER strict about cellphones so I didn’t have my phone with me to take pictures.  We had to arrive at Universal by 2:30, but we weren’t even shipped over to the staged where they film until about 4:30… where we proceeded to wait until the filming started a little after 6:00.  It was a day full of waiting but overall it was a great experience.  I sat in the second row of the show, about 15 feet from Adam Levine so that was AWESOME.  I can’t say much considering I signed an NDA, but it was a great time.  I might actually have to watch The Voice this season because now I feel like I have a special connection with the contestants that made it through.