Booze, Beaches, and (Warner) Bros.

Thursday at work was different than most days because DJ Sisanie was at a remote location for the day, which meant she was broadcasting her show from a farm. It was cool because she needed to pre record the beginning part of her show so it would play while she was driving to her location. Once she got to the farm, Natalia, my boss, would record Sisanie talking and then they would playback the parts during her speaking parts. It was really interesting to watch how my boss ran the show throughout the day.

I was in charge of the phones most of the day so among the other various tasks I had to do, I had to talk to the recipients of the prizes we were giving out that day. I had to do Facebook posts for two of the DJs and I did blog posts for Sisanie, Community Council, and my boss Natalia. I also got to do more air check editing of audio for Sisanie’s speaking parts so I really enjoyed that! Overall it was a super straightforward day.

Before I left I was able to sit down and talk to my boss Natalia about how she got started in radio; it was really interesting her story! She’s a big deal in Australian radio which is kind of funny!

After work, Kaitlyn and I found this awesome and close Mexican restaurant called Tequila Cantina so we went there for happy hour. We each got a 48 oz. margarita for $10. It was insanely good!!!


On Friday, Kaitlyn, Erika and I drove to Malibu to go to the beach. We went to El Matador which was so cool because it was secluded. You literally had to hike down to the water and walk down a million stairs but it was well worth it. The beach itself was so different than all the other beach we pass on the PCH. There were rocks and caves!! It reminded me of some of the beaches I’ve visited in the Caribbean while on cruises. For lunch we went to this awesome roadside restaurant called Neptune’s Net. I just got a cheeseburger and fries but I tried Erika’s crab cakes and they were surprisingly really good! She said that they were the best crab cakes she has ever had.





Today, Saturday, we went on a tour of the Warner Brothers studio. It was AWESOME!!!! I never realized how many shows I watch use the same set pieces, I feel dumb for never noticing! We drove through the backlot and saw street facades from movies and shows like Annie, Dexter, Hart of Dixie, Spider-Man, Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, and True Blood.











We went into their museum that houses Batman and Harry Potter costumes, props, etc. The sorting hat put me in Gryffindor! We also saw all the bat mobiles which was really cool. After that we went into the set of Friends which was one of the most exciting parts of the day. Lastly, we went on the actual set of Pretty Little Liars!!!! I couldn’t believe how tiny the actual sets are because they just basically reset the layout of the rooms to make it seem like a completely different room. Watching the show is going to be so weird now since I know their little tricks but I don’t mind! I’ll feel like I’m in on a little secret. It was great being able to go in the summer because most shows are on hiatus so we were able to see a lot more than some tours. But I feel like it would be so cool to come when they are filming because you might get the chance to see famous people!