Gettin Into the Swing of Things

I had a great day at my internship today! There were two other interns there today so it was great being able to collaborate with them on tasks. When I first got to KIIS today I had to do research on a new band that has had two successful singles over the past year. Their name is Sonus, and they are a pop boy band from Argentina. They kind of remind me of the Jonas Brothers (they’re brothers as well) and One Direction. Sonus was actually given the opportunity to open for both the Jonas Brothers and One Direction while they had shows in Argentina. I created a prep sheet for DJ Sisanie that had facts and possible interview questions. I was so proud if myself when I gave the prep sheet to Sisanie and she said it was one of the best prep sheets she’s ever gotten from someone on their first try!

I also had to do air checks today. This means that I went through each hour of Sisanie’s show and edited out her talking parts from the music so when she sits down with her boss they can easily go over her speaking parts. I really enjoyed doing this, I love editing audio. Some people might find the task tedious but I love doing projects like that.

Along with air checks I wrote and scheduled Facebook posts relating to DJ Boy Toy Jesse’s blog posts. I edited and uploaded Community Council podcast audio to the KIIS FM website.

Sonus was coming to do an intimate performance at the station so we were able to attend that! It was awesome being that up close and personal with the band. You could tell that they really love each other and what they do! I really enjoyed watching them perform, but mainly because I felt like a total fan girl. I knew all this information about them since I had just prepared the prep sheet on them. It was super cool to watch Sisanie and Freddy interview them because Sisanie used the questions I provided her with.