A Day of Work & a Day of Play

On Friday I started my internship at KIIS FM. I got there pretty early because I was so worried about not getting close parking. But I love my boss Natalia Perez, she is super cool and very relatable. When I first got there we started right up with my tasks and she showed me how I need to go through the music log for the midday show and make sure we don’t duplicate artists too close together on the playlist for the day. Then I have to go through the log and mark where the DJ talks and write in tidbits about what they should talk about while on the air. I also prepare their prep sheet that has information like the weather, sports, tv shows and movie new releases, etc.

After I prepared those for DJ Alex who was stepping in for Sisanie for the day, Natalia showed me some of the computer programs I will be using and how to answer the phone which mostly rings only when we are doing contests and giving away tickets of some sort. It’s so funny when I have to answer the phones for those calls because I have to pick up every line and count to 102 to find the winner.

Natalia showed me around the office which is actually pretty big because it’s hold the offices for programming, sales, etc. for multiple stations like 92.3 Old School along with 102.7 KIIS FM.

Natalia showed me how to use a program called VoxPro because she needed me to listen to an interview for their show, Community Council, and go through and edit out any information related to a date. After that she taught me how to blog to for DJs on the show.

One call I received was someone asking when Lana Del Ray was coming in for her interview that night. Obviously I couldn’t give out that information but getting phone calls like that is pretty cool! Overall, it was very straightforward and seems like it is going to be a fun summer!

After work we attended a JMU Alumni dinner that was an hour away from Burbank. It was at the headquarters to California Pizza Kitchen which is now a place I want to work! It is insanely cool and reminds me of a miniature Google. It was a rooftop party so it was so awesome! Bethany is a JMU alum and is in charge if the JMU Los Angeles alum and she works for Toms so she gave us each a free pair of JMU colored Toms!!!!! The food was so good and it was cool being able to network with other alums in the area.

Once we got back to Burbank we decided that we finally wanted to venture out into LA’s nightlife. After a jumble of confusion and a stroll down Hollywood Blvd in five in heels we ended up at Sassafrass. It was really chill and I was so glad like our entire group of people from JMU went out together.

On Saturday my roommate Megan’s friend Gray took Megan, Amelia, and myself out for an adventure. We ended up at the Getty Villa Museum which is the tinier version if the Getty Museum. It was really cool, it was kind of funny though because none of the fountains had water in them due to the severe drought going on in Cali right now. After the museum he treated us to lunch at Duke’s (a fitting restaurant to take JMU students to) in Malibu. We were seated at a booth right along the Pacific Ocean, it was insanely beautiful. I ordered the mango BBQ burger considering I am not a fan of seafood and the burger was SO GOOD. Honestly, it might be the best burger I’ve ever had. I am drooling right now just thinking about it. For dessert we had a piece of hula pie which essentially is just a huge chunk of ice cream cake covered in whipped cream, fudge and nuts with an Oreo crust. Obviously, that was equally as yummy.





Following lunch, Gray took us to the Self-Realization Fellowship which reminded me of the JMU arboretum but taken to a whole new level. It was absolutely gorgeous. There was a wedding going on though so we weren’t able to wander through the entire thing. Next we stopped at the Greystone Mansion which is where they shot a few scenes from the first Spiderman. Oddly enough, there was another wedding going on but it seems like such a cool place to get married. We also stopped at the Spadena House which is in Beverly Hills. I can’t believe people actually live there!




We walked down Rodeo Drive and it was such a cool experience to see all those high end names in one spot. We even visit a cupcake ATM! Unfortunately it was out of order when we first got to Sprinkles, the cupcake store, but we went inside and ordered a cupcake that way. I got the coconut cupcake and it was so good!



Next we went to the Griffith Observatory to overlook LA. I FINALLY got to see the Hollywood sign. It only took me an entire week to see it. Sadly, it was a pretty smoggy day so the photos of it weren’t great.

It was a super long day, but totally worth it. It definitely made me feel a lot better about coming out to California for an entire summer. I’m not a huge city person so it showed me that there are more relaxing and less congested parts of California.