Just Another Day in Paradise

On Monday Amelia, my one roomie, and I went to Enterprise to pick up our car rentals. They gave me a Chrysler 200… But I’m a picky picky princess and I’m actually going back to switch out for a Mazda 3 because you can’t keep me away from my one true love. Plus I will just feel a lot more comfortable driving a car I’m accustomed to around this crazy city. After I picked up my car my friend Lexi from high school invited me to go see a filming of Chelsea Lately! Unfortunately we did not get in because there were so many general admission people. However, they gave us turn away tickets which meant that we got to cut to the front of the line for a future show.


After that adventure I spent the night watching the Bachelorette with my roommates and then we went to bed super early again. We tend to go to sleep really early here. It’s funny. I haven’t gone to bed before 11 in years and I have every night that I’ve been here.

On Tuesday we had class. The morning class was interesting. Lee Clay was our guest speaker and taught us about being a producer in the studio AND the independent film industry. Definitely check out two of his independent films Beautiful Boy and 96 Minutes! We have about a four hour gap between our classes. Our night class is taught by Seth, a JMU grad who works as a writer and producer at E!. That class is definitely going to be really interesting.

After class Kaitlyn, Megan and I went up to the clubhouse to go grill some chicken. (We plan on being grill masters by the end of the summer.) While we were there we met another Oakwood resident named Tom. He was grilling two types of salmon. One with a fresh homemade salsa topping and another with a pesto/horseradish sauce topped with lemon. He was also grilling vegetables, eggplant, and asparagus. He had so much extra that he just kept passing us plates and plates of food. It was AWESOME. It’s all food I typically don’t eat considering I am SUPER picky. But I was in a daring mood and being a broke college student I didn’t want to pass up on free food. He invited us back for dessert which was grilled peaches in a dark rum sauce and ice cream.



Two of my roommates started their internships today, but I don’t start until Friday. So I spent my morning working out and then I went to locate my internship. But I need to go back tomorrow and see if I can figure out where to park because I’m still confused. After driving around for a little Lexi and I headed back to Universal Studios and got to butt the entire line to see Chelsea Lately! We were in the third row, it was awesome! She interviewed Colin Hanks, who I didn’t realize that I had seen in so many movies and shows like Dexter! It was so cool and then after we got to meet Chuy!


Tomorrow’s going to be a relaxing day. I’m going to lay by the pool all day and get a nice tan before my first day on the job on Friday. I can’t wait!