West Coast Best Coast

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So I have begun yet another summer of travels… but really, do I even live on the east coast anymore?  I don’t hate it though.  This summer I am part of JMU’s Summer in LA program where we get to take two classes along with doing an internship that I found at KIIS FM Radio!

The flight was kind of a drag.  Not because I hate flying, I actually love it.  A lot.  I’m that weird person that really enjoys that along with airplane and airport food.  But having a flight at 7:20 AM isn’t that ideal.  Especially when that means you need to have your alarms set for 3:15 AM, 3:30 AM, and 3:40 AM in order to make sure that you actually get up on time to drive to the airport.  Luckily, my friend Kaitlyn was on the same flight as me so it was a little less scary having a layover in Salt Lake City and then finishing our trip to the airport in Burbank, CA.  (She’s also similar to me in the fact that we both brought two large suitcases and a duffel… we obviously need to look our best while out in LA haha.)

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After arriving in Burbank, we got a taxi to the Oakwood Apartments where we are staying for the next two and a half months.  Somehow the taxi driver fit ALL of our luggage in the trunk of a Prius.  It was very impressive packing.  Oakwood is really nice considering how big it is and how close we are to major places like Warner Brothers Studios.  We ended up in an apartment building super far away from majority of the other students here from our school, but we actually lucked out!  We have the end apartment literally right outside of the pool.  We also have the clubhouse with the fitness center (maybe I will actually work out) right next to us.  And last but not least, our classrooms!  So even though we are further from the other JMU students, I think we really lucked out with the location of our apartment.

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Once we arrived and got somewhat settled (aka dropped our luggage off and still haven’t unpacked), we hit up the pool.  We also went to In and Out Burger… YUM.  But we were serious newbies and ordered normal stuff when apparently we should’ve ordered everything “animal style” which is basically fries with cheese, secret sauce, and onions (same thing goes for burgers).  So we will definitely be trying that next time we go, which lets be honest, will probably be tomorrow or the next day because you can never have enough burgers and fries.  After In and Out we found the local grocery store, Vons, which is super close to Oakwood and my roommates and I each bought our own boxes of wine.  (….when in Rome Cali, do what the Cali’s do.)  The rest of the night was pretty relaxing – we sat by the pool and enjoyed the AMAZING sunset, but the traveling finally hit us and we all passed out pretty early around 10 PM PST.

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Today was pretty similar to yesterday’s activities.  We attended Oakwood’s free breakfast.  And then we hit up the dollar store to pick up majority of our household necessities like toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, etc.  And then we went to Vons, again.  But this time we actually bought food and not alcohol!  And then we went to the pool for a few hours so I can’t really complain at all about my time in LA thus far.  Later tonight we are having a cookout with the rest of the JMU students so that should be fun!  Tomorrow we have an orientation along with the students from all the other schools here (Elon, U. of Texas, etc.).  And Tuesday we start classes.  And then I don’t have anything until I begin my internship on Friday!  I can’t wait, this summer seems like it is going to be a blast.