Is your mama a llama?

Pretty sure there is a llama outside of our room. Just saying.

Today was a relatively easy day at work. We had about 60 people when I’m used to doing close to 150. It was fun though. But it was hot. Since we had so little customers today we were finished with the day by 3:00PM, which is the earliest I’ve ever gotten off of work.
Our event this weekend is being held at the USA International Raceway. So after work we got to drive go carts around the track! It. Was. Awesome. Let me reiterate something for a moment, I adore my job.
Since my luggage was lost prior to my weekend trip to Wisconsin, I didn’t pack any “normal” clothes. I made a stop at Walmart out here to grab a shirt and a dress so I wasn’t stuck in work clothes all weekend when we went out at night. Surprisingly, I found two decent things.
Austin and I got dropped off at the hotel so we could shower while Shawn and Mikey went to go help Dani with her car because it broke down in the Perkins parking lot while she was picking up lunch. They took forever! But I got a chance to snuggle in my bed and watch footloose.
Now we are sitting at Doc’s Saloon & BBQ eating corn fritters waiting for our food to arrive. Luckily this place has wifi, I was beginning to think working wifi didn’t exist around these parts. Tomorrow we have another day of work, and then Shawn, Mikey and I will be heading to Chicago for the night before Shawn and I fly back to New Jersey for the week.