Middle of Nowhere

Well I have officially ended my two days of traveling.
I spent majority of the morning packing and grocery shopping. I was ecstatic to drive my car!! It was amazing. I miss her already.
My dad took me to the Philadelphia airport around 3:30. It was the speediest check in/security process ever. Very easy. I was glad. My first flight was to Chicago, it went very smoothly. When I arrived in Chicago I realized I hadn’t taken into account the time change when I was thinking about my layover so I had an extra hour to wait. I grabbed McDonalds (I will start my diet tomorrow) and ate alone at my gate. It was such a romantic meal, not. And then I treated myself to Starbucks, it’s been way too long!!
My flight to Green Bay was about 40 minutes and had the nicest sunset view. I absolutely love flying after the sun goes down because of the view. I have a thing for city lights and skyline views. It was incredible.
And now, here I am. In Shawano, Wisconsin. The absolute middle of no where. There is no phone service… Well extended network. This should be an interesting two days of work.
We are headed out for a drink… Driving down a dark road and I don’t think we are even headed in the right direction of a bar. But all I want to do is sleep. I am such a Debbie downer. But tomorrow is going to be a long day and I need sleep.
Ciao for now.