Travel Day 1: Completed

4:40 AM (Italy time): Good morning alarm clock, I hate you.

5:30 AM (Italy time): Turned in room key and said a few goodbyes to those who weren’t traveling to the Rome airport with us.


5:52 AM (Italy time): We are finally in route to the Rome Airport, time for a nap.


8:44 AM (Italy time): Woke up drooling, casual.  And very pretty.  Luckily everyone else was passed out as well so no one saw.

9:29 AM (Italy time): Arrive at airport.  We had a very speedy bus driver, it only took us 3.5 hours to get there.  I was very flustered at first trying to find my flight, but eventually figured it out.  My luggage weighed 49.8 lbs… perfect packer over here!  And there were 3 other people from my trip on the first leg of my flight, Nikki, Myra, and Kelsey.

12:47 PM (Italy time): The plane finally pulls away from the terminal!  Bittersweet, I don’t want to leave.  Not looking forward to the super long 9 hour flight ahead, but Nikki switched seats with the person who was supposed to be seated next to me so at least I had someone to talk to.  I wasn’t expecting to get any food while on the flight but we were fed, a lot!  I had chicken and mashed potatoes and an oatmeal raisin cookie as my first meal.  A few hours later they walked around with ice cream and pretzels.  And an hour before we arrived in Montreal they handed out a chicken fajita wrap (which was my favorite meal of the trip)!!




3:47 PM (U.S. time): FInally landed in Montreal, which was very hectic.  Our first flight left a little late so I was very rushed for my connection.  My luggage wasn’t connected to my flight connection, which was annoying because at this point I was pretty positive that my luggage was not going to make it to the states.  We had to go through security and customs, but finally we all made it through and I sped walked to my gate and said my goodbyes to Nikki, Myra, and Kelsey.  By the time I got to my gate they were calling for “final call”… which was very nerve-wracking!  And something went wrong with my ticket, so they changed my seat.  I was kind of annoyed at first because I was originally in the row with one seat and now I was in the row of two.  However, there was no one in the seat next to me so I was lucky and got to stretch out.  My connection flight was relatively short, it took a little over an hour.

4:54 PM (U.S. time): My flight finally takes off.

5:48 PM (U.S. time): Safely on the ground in the USA!  Happy 4th of July folks.  I find my way through the airport to baggage claim.

6:25 PM (U.S time): Realization that my luggage is lost.  Thank you Air Canada.  Now I am thankful for my spur of the moment trip home next week.

Following my airport adventures, my parents and my two best friends, Steph and Liz, all went to On The Border for Mexican food!  IT WAS SPECTACULAR.  I ate chips and salsa and I am not even a huge salsa fan, and then we got NACHOS.  YES.  FAVORITE FOOD EVER.  And then I got this yummy queso chicken and refried beans.  It was much needed.  And there was ice in my drink!  Finally, ICE!  Thank you America.





I made a few stops at some 4th of July parties but didn’t stay out too late.  Sadly, the fireworks in my town are not until the 5th so I will be missing those.