Where Did the Time Go?

I cannot believe that my trip to Italy comes to an end tomorrow morning.  It went by way too quickly; I’m definitely not ready to leave.  The past few days have been very fun because we no longer had classes to attend since all of our projects were due and submitted on Sunday evening.  Yesterday a group of us went to Raffaello’s house and then the Ducal Palace.  Raffaello’s house was really cool because it seemed like it was going to be a tiny house, but when you step inside you find yourself in a huge house that has three floors and a courtyard separating two different parts of the house.  Following Raffaello’s house I went to the University of Urbino store and bought a t-shirt… does that officially make me a University of Urbino student??  I think so.

Alberto, one of the translators, went with us to the Ducal Palace and somehow he got us in without paying for tickets.  We ended up walking through the palace backwards and did not realize that until the end, but it doesn’t make a difference.  The palace is overwhelmingly big, I don’t understand how someone could ever live there and feel like they are at “home.”  And I feel like it is impossible to furnish all those rooms!  I wish I had more of an appreciation for art because all the pieces were exquisite but I just got tired of seeing so many paintings.  I was obsessed with all the fireplaces in the palace, there were so many!!  And they were huge!  I kept going over and standing in them, I’m weird.  Eventually we made it through the entire palace!

We went to Noi & Voi for my favorite pizza, I’m so sad that was my final time eating there.

At 5:30PM we had an award ceremony where some of us won awards for best written story, best photography, etc.  My segment was nominated, but the truffles segment won the award.  But I was just happy to be nominated.  The truffles segment was excellent and definitely deserved it.  Once the video is posted on the website I will post the link.  There will also be an app for iPads, iPhones, etc., but that will not be ready for a few more weeks.

For our final dinner we took a 40 minute bus ride out of town to go to the cutest little Italian restaurant nestled on a backstreet of a mountain with an astonishing view.  We were served lots and lots of wine.  And when I say lots, I mean lots.  We were served this soup that was very tasty, it reminded me of minestrone (which is my favorite) so I was happy.  Next was a bruschetta sort of thing, but I was not a fan because of the bacon on it.  The “pasta” course was interesting… the noodle were very odd.  They sort of looked like intestines… gross, I know.  I’m just very picky, it is actually a problem.  The chicken was pretty good though, and I was happy to have chicken because the cafeteria on campus rarely has it and when they do it is usually very dry.  And the potatoes were amazing, I ended up asking for more.


The bus ride back to Urbino was hilarious because some of us were tipsy, and others were drunk, and we just sang Italian and American songs.  We got back to Urbino around 1:00AM and we headed to our favorite bar.  It was a great night out, they played my favorite songs and we danced the night away.  Yes, I danced.  That is a rare occurrence but I figured it was our last night so why not?!  It was a successful evening, I even managed to get a free shot for me and Casey (the bartender loves me).


The rest of today will be filled with hanging out and packing (and trying to figure out how to pack heavy souvenirs).  Tomorrow we are leaving at 5:30AM to head to the Rome airport.  It’s going to be a very long day of traveling, and it’s only the beginning of my nonstop travel week.  Within the nest 48 or so hours I will be in 3 different countries and 6 airports.  This should be fun.

I am so sad to be leaving Urbino, I will cherish all the memories I have made inside the walls of this city.  I am going to miss waking up to my breathtaking view.  I am going to miss making attempts at speaking Italian.  I am going to miss the food… although I am quite tired of pizza and pasta.  I am going to miss being able to walk around with open containers of alcohol, we all need to remember that we can’t do this back at school.  I am going to miss the nightlife and how crowded the piazza gets.  I am going to miss the cobblestone streets, even though they prevented me from ever wearing heels.  I am most definitely going to miss all the houses with shutters on their windows!  But mostly I am going to miss the people I have met; we aren’t just friends, we are a family.