Down to the Wire

Yesterday was supposed to be the day we edited our footage.  However, the computers weren’t agreeing with the hard drives or Final Cut Pro kept crashing… something was just always going wrong.  Eventually Rachel was able to get it situated, but that meant we weren’t able to start editing until after dinner.

The past 24 hours has been spent editing our footage.  Seriously.  I edited from 10:00PM – 1:30AM, woke up and edited for an hour, and then headed to the classroom to edit the piece with Rachel until our meeting at 4:00PM… which last 3 hours and was spent discussing how to fix the rough edits.  I went to dinner and then came back to my room and edited.  I never want to see Final Cut Pro again.

photo 3

Just kidding, I actually love editing.  I finally felt like I was able to contribute something to this project which was a really nice feeling.  Overall, I think our segment turned out pretty well considering we could really only use the footage from the second visit to La Tavola Marche.

And I make a cameo in our footage!!  I look super awkward in the actual video, oh well.

photo 2

We still have a few scenes to shoot, which is somewhat nerve-wracking considering we are supposed to have everything ready to be turned in by 6:00PM tomorrow evening.  Tomorrow I am shooting the opening scene to the video at 10:00AM with Megan, the host of the show, Evan, and Kelly.  That will be smooth sailing.

A few other aspects of the video need to be worked out as well, but I think we are doing the best that we can considering we only have two laptops to edit on and one working camera to film with!  We are coming down to the wire with this project so I am very glad that the end is near… other than the fact that I never want to leave Italy.