“To bidet or not to bidet?”

Yesterday I had the chance to make another visit to La Tavola Marche, the agriturismo that I am doing a segment on with Rachel.  It was just as amazing as my first visit, if not better… it was pizza night!  Not just any pizza, but homemade and fresh pizza cooked in their outside wood burning oven.  Just from watching Jason prepare food (the pasta last time and the pizza this time) I feel like I have so much more knowledge.  For instance, I learn that once he has the dough stretched out a bit he rolls it flat with a rolling pin, but you need to roll it in the motion of a “V” otherwise the shape of the pizza will be more square.

They made so many different types of pizza.  Most of the pizzas had their homemade tomato sauce on them with a variety of toppings from olives to mushrooms to zucchini blossoms.  But they had two other types of pizzas that were remarkable.  One was a pizza “bianca” which is a white pizza… but it is not the typically American white pizza that has an alfredo type sauce on it.  Thin shavings of a potato are laid along the entire top of the dough!  And then a mix of a few cheeses like mozzarella and ricotta and some rosemary are put on top of the potato slices.  I thought it would be a very heavy pizza (like most American white pizzas) since it has potato and cheese on it but I found it very enjoyable!  It was the perfect amount of potato and cheese.  The other pizza they had that was interesting was very simple.  It was basically the pizza dough with olive oil, a little cheese and rosemary (I think), once that is cooked they put prosciutto on it!  That was my favorite pizza of the night.

I still have to look at the footage but from the looks of the shots we took but I think filming went really well.  I even make a slight cameo in my own segment!

When we were done filming Jason let us make our own pizzas!  Instead of putting only one topping on it I made my pizza toppings by the slice.  If cut into slices there would be two sausage slices, one slice with prosciutto, one with a zucchini blossom, and two with some black salt.




Before we left La Tavola Marche, Megan, Evan, and I asked Ashley, the owner, about bidets, aka a butt squirter.  We were very confused onto how they worked.  She told us some funny stories about some people using them for plants since it already has something to water the plant built in.  Ashley even told us about a toddler who would drink from the bidet because it was a perfect height for him!  Ew!  (Thanks for the blog title idea Ashley, all the credit goes to you.)

I am so glad that Rachel and I had the opportunity to work with Ashley and Jason.  They are both so welcoming and willing to help!  I wish I could live there with them and play with their cute cats and chickens all day long.  I can’t wait for my return trip to Italy because I am making my family stay at La Tavola Marche!

The weather was very kind to us because it started to rain as we were packing up!  I love the rain, but not when we have to drive down very dark and narrow dirt roads with lots of turns.  After a slight detour trying to find our way back to Urbino by following street signs we made it back safe and sound!

It was our last Thursday night in Urbino (so sad I might cry), and Thursday is the night that people go out and party.  So we did.  It was probably one of my most fun nights out that I’ve had here.  Luckily I was smart and wore my converse out because everyone who wore flip flops as very dirty feet since it had been raining.



At one point I had a laurel (I think that is what its called) on my head, which is basically a wreath that people wear once they graduate.  Not really sure how that happened, but maybe it tricked people into thinking I was an actual student in Urbino… until they heard me speaking english.  (Thanks for capturing the moment Casey.)


It’s very depressing that in less than a week I will no longer be in the walls of this enchanting city.  I never want to leave.