Getting Down to Business

Being in the video group, majority of our time spent in Urbino has been pre-production planning.  It kind of stinks that everything has come down to the last week, but now we are finally headed in the right direction to get everything done on time for our projects to be submitted on Sunday.  My final work week consists of filming, interviewing, and editing.  However, I don’t film the second part of my agriturismo segment until Thursday evening so I am hanging out and helping with other segments in the meantime.

Today we had Italian class bright and early.  I felt like I hadn’t been in class in forever since it was cancelled that Thursday for the Urbino press awards and then I missed it yesterday due to the winery interview.  We have the final Italian test next Monday, so that should be interesting.   Hopefully everything I learned in Italian 101 comes back to me in the next few days.

After Italian class we met in the video classroom and discussed the filming schedule.  One of our cameras is broken and unusable for the rest of the trip.  Therefore, we all need to coordinate the use of the one remaining camera and plan our interviews around the camera and the interviewees availability.  Luckily it has been working out so far.

I helped my friend Hannah film part of the multimedia project for her journalism story.  She is doing a story on free masonry here in Urbino so we went and filmed her interview with a professor at the University of Urbino who is also a free mason.  We also had an impromptu interview with a local priest to find out his position on free masons because the church is known to disagree with their beliefs.  Overall the interviews went well, the latter one was awkward but interesting.

Other than that, the day was particularly boring.  I hung out in my room for a bit with Megan, shocker.  And then Casey, Megan, and I had a photoshoot.  Casual Tuesdays.  Tomorrow we do not have Italian until 2:00PM so Megan, Casey, Hannah, a few others, and I are going to drink some wine and hang out for the rest of the night.

It’s weird, and extremely upsetting, to think about the fact that I basically leave Urbino in a week.  I do not want to leave, this place has felt like a home to me.  I plan to cherish every moment I have left.

Featured photo taken by Hannah Spurrier.