Cloudy with a Chance of Mud

Today was the day for our final interview with the owner of Il Conventino, the winery I have been visiting quite frequently.  We were scheduled to leave at 8:15 this morning… Megan knocked on my door around 8:10 to tell me that our camera we were supposed to bring was not working.  We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, but luckily Rachel was still at the dorms so we were able to grab the other camera.  The interview itself went quite smoothly.  I am actually sad that we won’t be going back there for the rest of the trip.

Megan, Greg, Kelly, and I all stocked up on goodies to bring home for people.  Typical me, I bought the most.  But it all tastes so good so oh well!  Egidio was so nice, he gave us each a discount.  I bought a total seven items (two of those were actually Casey’s purchases that I was getting for her).  He took off about 10€ of my total purchase and he threw in one bottle of my favorite wine for all of us to share… he told us to “celebrate” when he gave it to us!!

As soon as Luca dropped us off with all of our camera equipment at the dorm, we got a call from Rusty, our professor, that we needed one set of camera equipment and the broken camera up at the classroom.  Which is an uphill walk.  So that was our exercise for the day.

One the next trek back to the classroom it started to thunder.  Luckily, it started to pour just as Megan and I reached the classroom.  But it was a muddy walk back to the dorm after.  Note to self: don’t where flip flops that flick mud all over the back of your legs on a rainy day.

Later tonight we have a movie night in the classroom.  I really hope the rain holds out and doesn’t happen until tonight when we are all safe and sound back in our rooms.  I believe we are watching La Dolce Vita… which is the movie we were supposed to watch last week but then we watched Cinema Paradiso instead.  WHICH IS AMAZING.  If you have not seen Cinema Paradiso go out and see it right now!  It may be one of my new favorite movies.  So I hope that tonights movie is just as good.

Ta ta for now.