La Tavola Marche

For our video project that we are working on, Rachel and I were paired together to do the segment on an agriturismo called La Tavola Marche.  In case you aren’t sure of what an agriturismo is, “An Italian agriturismo will usually serve foods to guests prepared from raw materials produced on the farm or at least locally.  Some will allow the guest to actually participate in the activities surrounding the farm”. (  La Tavola Marche is owned by an American couple, Ashley and Jason, who moved out here after their wedding because they loved the simplistic lifestyle Italy offered.

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Rusty, our professor, drove Rachel and I out to La Tavola Marche on Saturday morning.  When we arrived, Ashley was extremely welcoming and upbeat.  She had a very contagious positive attitude.  We picked a good day to come because they had a few guests and were actually about to start a pasta cooking class!  I am now obsessed with the pasta making process.  I was so jealous the entire time I was there watching!  It looks like so much fun!  Although it is time consuming it seems simple enough!  I am seriously going to try making fresh pasta sometime soon.




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While their pasta was being cooked and prepared, Ashley let us film her letting the chickens out of their coop.  It’s so funny how they basically follow her out of the coop in a straight line.  I was actually slightly afraid that one of the chickens would attack me, but they ended up being more afraid of me than I was of them.  Once Ashley feeds the chickens, they are allowed to roam free which is actually kind of funny since you just see chickens walking all over.

Filming the family eat their meal was torturous.  I was so hungry and their homemade ravioli looked fantastic.  The guests were so nice to let us film them and I could tell that they were truly having an amazing time staying at La Tavola Marche.

If my family ever comes to this part of Italy I am making sure we stay here and take cooking classes!!