Into the Land of the EuroTrash Haircut

Due to having such a busy weekend, I was unable to travel anywhere far. Luckily, I had nothing to do today so Megan, Cory, and I headed to Pesaro, Italy to enjoy a lazy day at the beach. Because it is Sunday, the bus schedule is rather annoying and there are no “rapido” aka fast buses that we can take to Pesaro. The rapido bus takes about forty five minutes, but we were stuck with the bus that takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. Luckily, we were able to get seats on the bus since we were one of the first stops.

Once we arrived in Pesaro we meandered to il mare (the sea). It was beautiful with very clear water, but the sand was super hot! It is different from American beaches because there is actually no room to walk on the sand. The chairs and umbrellas jammed together and lined up numerically. Since we got there a little before noon, we were stuck with the back row of chairs.



Passed Out

It was extremely hot so the time spent in the water was amazing. Everyone who went to the beach on Saturday complained of a lot of jellyfish, but I didn’t see a single jellyfish floating in the water… which I was quite happy about!



Around 5:00PM we headed back to the bus stop to try to figure out the schedule. We were very confused but finally someone was able to communicate with us that the next bus to Urbino was at 18:18PM… aka 6:18. I’m still trying to get used to military time. Megan, Cory, and I sat in the back section of the bus on the ride home. We were surrounded by all these middle school or high school students with the “EuroTrash” haircut. (If you are unsure of what a “EuroTrash” haircut is, click here. This is the best example I could find on google but it is hard to understand through a picture.) It was very entertaining to see the different hairstyles. Finally, all the kids filed off the bus about halfway to Urbino and we had a nice peaceful and quiet ride the rest of the way.

When we got back to Urbino we headed to my favorite pizza place in town, Noi Voi. I was thrilled to see that they were open. Italy stores and restaurants have the weirdest hours, especially on Sundays so it was a huge relief. None of us wanted to eat in the University of Urbino cafeteria. The pizza was as spectacular as always.

Once we were back at the rooms we did a bit of homework and now I am getting ready for bed. Buonanotte!

(Pictures to come! Internet is currently to slow since everyone is back from their weekend adventures and using it!)