Vino Ventures

For someone who does not actually like wine, I have been to a lot more wineries than expected this week.  On Monday and Thursday I was at Il Conventino for my video project.  Today we took a field trip to a pottery museum and the Terracruda Winery.

The pottery place was ok, it was actually kind of boring.   But following the museum we stopped by the house of a local artisan who sells his own terracotta.  Watching him work was incredible, he knew exactly how to manipulate the clay to get the shape that he desired.  A few of the students were allowed to try and it was very funny watching the inexperienced attempt to do something that seemed so easy.  It was definitely harder than it looked!  We were able to buy some of the items that he has made.  He was selling some really cool and unique plates, pitchers, mugs, and other little trinkets.



By this point we were all getting a bit grumpy and whiney because we were running behind schedule.  And we were hot.  And tired.  And lunch was being postponed because we still had to do the wine tasting.

The winery and wine tasting was fun.  First we got a tour of the vineyard.  While we were there we took a “Where In The World Is Your JacCard Photo”.  (Once it is posted on Facebook I will post it here.)  At the actual wine tasting I only had one glass and a sip of the rest because I didn’t want to drink on an empty stomach.  Plus, I think I’ve had enough wine for the week.




We went to this amazing restaurant where we were seated outside under a tree that would have been perfect for climbing and a view of the countryside.  Typically, there was A LOT of wine on the table.  I couldn’t even finish one glass and I stuck to my acqua naturale.  The first course was a delicious pasta dish.  I wanted to eat every single bite of it, but I have come to learn to hold back because they love their courses in Italy.  After the pasta they brought out this interesting plate of spinach and roasted peppers… being the boring and picky eater that I am, I passed on those.  Next was pizza!  It was good, but not my favorite.  The pasta was the best part of the entire meal.


I must have been more tired than I realized because on the hour long bus ride back to Urbino I fell fast asleep.  We are all staying in tonight, on a Friday… does that make us boring college students?  We all have work to do or interviews in the morning.

Tomorrow I am going to an agriturismo to shoot some b-roll and do a preliminary interview for our video.  And then hopefully I will be spending the night at the beach!