The Best Day

Yesterday was the greatest day I’ve had in Italy thus far. Like I mentioned previously, our group was invited to the Urbino Press Awards. Because of this our classes were cancelled for the day and we were finally able to sleep in! It was the first time since we have gotten here that I was able to stay in bed past 9:00 AM.

The award ceremony was very interesting and I loved the speech that Wolf gave. The horderves served after could have been a little better, but that may be because I have a bland American palette. The kebab we got for lunch after was the greatest thing I have eaten in Urbino.

Megan, Kelly, Greg and I all had to go back to the Il Conventino winery to film and photograph a wine tasting event that was being held. Luca, one of the translators, drove us to the winery. On the way there we blasted Taylor Swift’s Speak Now album… I’m pretty sure Luca knew more of the words than I did! At Il Conventino all the workers made is feel at home. While we were shooting b-roll footage they set us up a plate of cheese and bread and honey. I am not usually a fan of cheese and bread but it was absolutely fantastic. But their generosity didn’t stop there, they set us a table and told us that between filming they would serve us food and wine as well!


When the guests finally arrived, they were taken on a tour of the winery. It was a bit awkward getting in their faces and taking photos of the event but they surprisingly seemed to enjoy it. Once the tour was over we all headed back to the main sitting area where they began their wine tasting. The first course they brought out was bruschetta. I actually hate tomatoes, but I tried it anyway. I ended up taking off the tomatoes and just eating the bread but I was proud of myself for trying it. The variety of olive oils we were given to try was overwhelmingly amazing. The orange flavored olive oil was my favorite and was mouthwateringly delicious on bread.



The next course was another type of bruschetta, but it was actually more like a pizza. It was fresh bread with tomato sauce and lots of cheese. The oil paired with it perfectly.

We were already getting full after scarfing down all the bread and bruschetta, and then they brought out another course of mushrooms and some type of meat. I wasn’t a huge fan of this course but quickly following it was a bowl of the greatest roasted potatoes. Megan and I have been saying the past week that all we wanted was yummy roasted potatoes, and we finally got them! Lastly, they brought out the most amazing pasta I’ve had in Italy so far. Even the small desserts were amazing! All the while we were given multiple types of white and red wines that were supposed to be paired with specific courses. We were all so stuffed but satisfied.


The owner even gave Megan and Greg a 2 for 1 deal on our favorite bottle of wine. I am so excited to go back on Monday for a sit down interview on camera.

On the way home we listened to Taylor Swift again.

When we got back to Urbino, Megan and I went downtown to meet up with our friends who had gone out. On the way to our favorite bar we ran into Wolf Blitzer. (I still can’t believe how nice he is!) We invited him out with us but he had to leave for Rome early this morning.

At the bar we me up with all of the people from our study abroad group and we also ran into another American study abroad group that we had befriended the night before. It was fun while it lasted but Megan and I went back to the dorms a little before 1:00AM because we weren’t drinking since we ate and drank a lot earlier. Plus, we had to wake up today to head to ANOTHER winery.

All in all it was my favorite day on this trip so far. It was a perfect example of how generous and welcoming Italians are.