Wolf Blitzer


On Wednesday we were given the opportunity to have a Q&A with Wolf Blitzer from CNN’s The Situation Room.  To be completely honest, I didn’t have any idea who he was.  I should probably start watching the news more.  Once I saw him I did recognize him from television.  He sat with us for about an hour and told us about how he got started and how to he got to where he is now.


He is here in Urbino because he is being presented with the Urbino Press Award.



Today, Thursday, we were able to attend the Urbino Press Awards.  Attending the event was very exciting for all of us for a few reasons.  1) It is a once in a lifetime experience.  2) We had an excuse to dress up and look nice.  3)  We had classes cancelled for the day, YIPPIE!  Blitzer gave a very good speech and even made a shout out to the American students studying abroad in Urbino.  After the awards, we attended a small gathering with h’orderves.  The food was very interesting…. but I tried truffles on bread and it was pretty good.

However, there was not a lot of food.  Well there was a lot, but not enough to fill us up so we left and got kebabs.  SO GOOD.  The kebab is probably one of my favorite meals that I have gotten in Urbino so far.  As you can see in the picture, Megan was clearly enjoying her kebab.


Here is a photo of our entire group with Wolf Blitzer.


We even made it in the Urbino newspaper for attending the Urbino Press Awards!