That’s a Wrap!

This past weekend (my last weekend out in California), I had the opportunity to go up to Napa Valley and Oakland to visit my friend Steph.  Steph’s Aunt owns a bed & breakfast,… Continue reading

San Francisco Here We Come

Two Mondays ago I got to join Michael and Veronica on the set of a promotional video shoot for their band, The Replicas.  This was a really cool opportunity to witness what goes… Continue reading

Two Week Recap

Well, apparently I am really bad about keeping up with these posts regularly. Whoops. I apologize if there are any spelling errors in this post – I am posting from my phone. The… Continue reading

Long Time No Talk

Sorry!  Haven’t been an active blogger lately… been pretty busy with work, classes, and adventures.  Lets backtrack a week or so. Two weeks ago: Work was pretty normal this week – nothing new.… Continue reading

Fangirling Hardcore

Since my last post, I have had the opportunity to meet one of my childhood celebrity crushes, Ryan Cabrera. (I shamefully admit that I used to kiss his poster goodnight when I would… Continue reading

Booze, Beaches, and (Warner) Bros.

Thursday at work was different than most days because DJ Sisanie was at a remote location for the day, which meant she was broadcasting her show from a farm. It was cool because… Continue reading

Gettin Into the Swing of Things

I had a great day at my internship today! There were two other interns there today so it was great being able to collaborate with them on tasks. When I first got to… Continue reading

A Day of Work & a Day of Play

On Friday I started my internship at KIIS FM. I got there pretty early because I was so worried about not getting close parking. But I love my boss Natalia Perez, she is… Continue reading

Just Another Day in Paradise

On Monday Amelia, my one roomie, and I went to Enterprise to pick up our car rentals. They gave me a Chrysler 200… But I’m a picky picky princess and I’m actually going… Continue reading

West Coast Best Coast

So I have begun yet another summer of travels… but really, do I even live on the east coast anymore?  I don’t hate it though.  This summer I am part of JMU’s Summer… Continue reading